Planning application at 15 Park Lane Kew VIC 3101

LOUISE & DAVID SMITH sent a message to Judith Voce.

Judith Voce
Planning application at 15 Park Lane Kew VIC 3101
Sept. 28, 2016, 4:48 a.m.
Dear Judith

We have sent the following objection, via Boroondara's online objection portal. However as our local councillor, we thought you might appreciate a copy as well.

OBJECTION – PP16/00521

We object to the proposed three storey (plus basement) multi-unit dwelling to be built at 15 Park Lane, Kew – it is comprised of eight (8) three bedroom apartments and two (2) four bedroom apartments, all of which will over look Kellet Reserve; as well as the provision of parking for thirty-three (33) cars.
This development does not respect our neighbourhood character, the amenity of neighbours and will create unreasonable visual bulk.

In our opinion, this multi-unit dwelling is an inappropriate development within Boroondara’s Precinct 16 – our local area. Our reasons include the following.

Access to this property is only via the “L” shaped blue stone laneway (Park Place) which borders the public park and playground, known as “Kellet Reserve”.

In the Council’s Precinct 16 document, it says… “ensuring new developments … respect the predominant building scale and forms of the streetscape.” This proposed development is totally “out of neighbourhood character” – there are no multi-unit dwellings of this size within our local neighbourhood.

A “threat” identified in the same document are “buildings (that) appear bulky and ‘box’ like”. With the limited “private open space” within this multi-unit dwelling, the removal of all the current trees and the proposed building’s enormous footprint, we would describe this development as “bulky and ‘box’ like”.

Another identified “threat” includes the ‘carparking structure’ of a development – this multi-unit dwelling does not minimize its carparking structure. Instead, it is proposed there will be two ‘crossovers’ erected to access the property via the laneway. These two crossovers will be constructed as “splayed”, as the architect has identified the difficulty residents will have to maneuver their vehicles in and out of the property.

Furthermore, there is no provision of any ‘loading bay’ in the basement. The suggestion is that any loading bay activities will performed “on-street”. Given the nearest on-street is quite a distance away, should the loading/unloading be undertaken outside the property, the laneway would be blocked for its duration.
The laneway is too narrow for the council’s waste trucks to enter. So all ten (10) rubbish bins, all ten (10) recycle bins (and possibly all ten (10) green bins) will need to be transported to Fitzwilliam Street, for the weekly waste collection.

The traffic survey did not take into account any use of the public park and recreation zone by local residents during a weekend. This is when most families access our local park and playground.

This traffic survey suggested a conservative estimate of the multi-unit development traffic would be six (6) vehicle trips, per day, per unit. This equates to sixty (60) trips up and down a single lane laneway, which has no separate footpath. The laneway (Park Place) is not a private right of way and is also used by other residents.

The trees in Kellet Reserve could also be impacted by this proposed development. In particular the mature River Red Gum, which has been described as only in “fair” health, as have the two Turkish Pines. The effect of the many construction vehicles and the delivery of the construction materials have a detrimental impact on Kellet Reserve, which would be hard to restore.

We are also concerned that the noise level from the carport’s ventilation system and the operation of at least twelve (12) airconditioning units will affect the amenity of park users and the neighbouring properties.

Should this multi-unit dwelling development go ahead, the character of our neighbourhood will be severely spoiled. As long time residents and rate payers we would hope our interests will be represented by our Council and not the interests of the developers.

From LOUISE & DAVID SMITH to local councillor Judith Voce


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Planning Application for 15 Park Lane Kew VIC 3101

Description: Development of the land for a three (3) storey apartment building containing 10 dwellings.

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Best wishes,

Judith Voce
Oct. 3, 2016, 12:07 a.m.
Dear Louise and David,

Thank you for your email below and apologies for the delay in responding to you. I have copied this email to Cr Phillip Healey as he is the Studley Ward Councillor in which your street is located.
Please be assured that your objections will be given due consideration when the proposed planning application comes to Council for a decision.

Kind regards,