Planning application at 15 Union Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

Sam Varney sent a message to Samantha Ratnam.

Samantha Ratnam
Sam Varney
Planning application at 15 Union Street, Brunswick VIC 3056
March 28, 2019, 6:20 a.m.
I strongly disapprove of this development plan. The record store that exists there now, Record Paradise, is a Melbourne Music institution that has helped the music community in countless ways. Currently Record Paradise's lease still has two years which has been somehow ignored.

Another eight story apartment block in that area is entirely unnecessary, unsightly and would create a cultural dead zone where a flourishing community of musicians and music lovers once was.

Please reconsider.

From Sam Varney to local councillor Samantha Ratnam


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Planning Application for 15 Union Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

Description: Development of an eight storey building (with roof terrace) containing an office and 21 dwellings and a reduction of the standard car parking requirement

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