Planning application at 151 Albert Avenue, Boronia VIC 3155

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Peter Lockwood
Colin Clay
Planning application at 151 Albert Avenue, Boronia VIC 3155
Nov. 2, 2017, 5:58 a.m.
Why do Knox Council continually ask for planning permits for trees that are not indigenous to Victoria, such as this one. This tree belongs in the rainforests of NSW and QLD. Another tree i see frequently requiring a planning permit from Knox Council is Grevlliea robusta, this also doesn't require a permit to remove. Not to mention all the pine trees i see that require a permit. The only time a planning permit is required is when indigenous vegetation is being removed. Knox Council should ensure their staff know what is indigenous to Victoria and what isn't.

From Colin Clay to local councillor Peter Lockwood


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Planning Application for 151 Albert Avenue, Boronia VIC 3155

Description: Removal of one (1) Lophostemon confertus

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