Planning application at 1533 Burwood Highway, Tecoma VIC 3160

Lisa Ford sent a message to Noel Cliff.

Noel Cliff
Lisa Ford
Planning application at 1533 Burwood Highway, Tecoma VIC 3160
Nov. 25, 2018, 11:27 p.m.
Dear Shire of Yarra Ranges Planning Department. I am concerned that the proposed development at 1533 Burwood Highway is an over-development of the site due to:
1. being the only building in the strip with 2 storeys and which will
2. block out the beautiful view of the mountains behind it.

It is inappropriate to set a precedent of 2-3 storey dwellings in this small mountain village, whose very appeal to both locals and tourists relies on its lack of over-development, unlike most of Melbourne, and visual access to the natural environment.

I note that there is also no space for any plant life whatsoever, as it completely fills the site. The drawing provided shows potted plants on the balconies to give an effect of some green but in reality there is no guarantee that this imposing building will any way reflect its environment.

Further, the lack of required car spaces being provided is also inappropriate. Anybody who uses the existing car parks there will know that there are times when no car parking spots are available, such as at school pick up and drop off, twice a day, 5 days a week.

From Lisa Ford to local councillor Noel Cliff


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Planning Application for 1533 Burwood Highway, Tecoma VIC 3160

Description: Multi dwelling and/or commercial applications

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