Planning application at 1549 Burwood Highway, Tecoma VIC 3160

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Mike Clarke
Norman Delmas
Planning application at 1549 Burwood Highway, Tecoma VIC 3160
April 16, 2018, 1:43 p.m.
I note the 'plan' attached to this application.
This is a 'red line' plan of relevance to the VCGLR. Council should have no role to play in the granting of liquor licenses.
The said 'plan' is sub-standard, being a hand drawn sketch.
It would seem that there has been no application for the use of this building for the preparation and service of food, noting that this building has never been used for this purpose and that roof drainage systems in the form of open gutters pass through the area within the building shown on this sub-standard 'red line' plan.
This can't be a serious proposal and will raise serious questions should Council permit the use of this building for food service use.
This proposal as per the plan is not workable as a licensed premises in that there will be no practical means of preventing the consumption and serving of alcohol outside the 'red line' areas within the building. The whole area within building is more realistic as to what practices will occur.
Furthermore, it has come to my attention that other Licensed premises serve and allow alcohol consumption in the public realm in 'outdoor dining areas' located on footpaths fronting the subject premises, and that; a) Council has willingly facilitated this practice by permitting the use of footpaths by Licensed premises for tables and seating, b) That alcohol and food consumption and smoking in these said areas occurs, c) these areas are outside those defined in the approved 'red line' plans, and d) it is obvious this practice occurs to all and sundry that pass, yet Council nor VCGLR nor the Licensee/Approved Managers or Staff do anything to enforce this behavior that constitutes STREET DRINKING. It's about time The Bell Tavern and Souki Bar at Belgrave were held to account for the behavior associated with their patrons and that serious questions are asked about a Council that aides and abets by the granting of use of the public realm by any Licensed premises.
I find it hard to believe Council officers who frequent this area in Belgrave have not noticed the drinking glasses littering the street in the general vicinity of these premises.

Accordingly, it is reasonable to assume a further application will be made to seek tables and chairs on the footpath outside this application address and that street drinking will occur outside the 'red line' area approved by the VCGLR.

This is the result of a Council who has an unhealthy bias towards Commercial business activity.

As I have little confidence in Council to act in accordance to a number of Act's they have a statutory obligation to uphold and enforce, the only merit in submitting this statement is for users of this site to understand the state of affairs in Yarra Ranges Shire Council areas.

From Norman Delmas to local councillor Mike Clarke


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Planning Application for 1549 Burwood Highway, Tecoma VIC 3160

Description: Multi dwelling and/or commercial applications

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