Planning application at 16-18 Simla Street Mount Lofty QLD 4350

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Paul Antonio
Disappointed Resident
Planning application at 16-18 Simla Street Mount Lofty QLD 4350
July 19, 2017, 3:41 a.m.
Like many before me - I'm totally opposed to this development.

Unfortunately from past experience we know only too well that it really doesn't matter what objections Toowoomba residents have - things like this re-development will continue.

Paul Hurley's comment is correct - to a DEGREE, TRC do have their hands tied by the Qld State Government, however some development applications should not even get this far. It is a sad state of affairs when objections are heard at a 'special council meeting' your council votes AGAINST a proposed unit development but it still goes ahead.

East Toowoomba is not the place for unsightly units - no matter how hard a developer has tried to replicate a heritage appeal - we still lose the tranquil, heritage quality of the area - a reason I'm sure most of us moved there for.

For example: Plonking a lump of building on a 927sqm piece of dirt that is now going to house 3 x 3 bedroom units that will have absolutely no living space/quality of life appeal or appeal to the streetscape not to mention the traffic increase, lack of privacy and increased noise for neighbouring residents who have lived in the area for 15+ years is unacceptable and let's not forget, surrounding these units are heritage homes - but hey we're just the rate payer, why should we matter.

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Planning Application for 16-18 Simla Street Mount Lofty QLD 4350

Description: Reconfigure 1 into 3 Lots

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