Planning application at 16-22 Gatehouse Drive Kensington VIC 3031

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Cathy Oke
Heather Hockings
Planning application at 16-22 Gatehouse Drive Kensington VIC 3031
March 27, 2017, 11:45 p.m.
Utterly ridiculous to even contemplate such a ghastly development in this area. We have long suffered the traffic and parking problems in this neighbourhood ; Spring racing carnival and major events at the Showgrounds cause enormous traffic congestion and trying to exit our area via gatehouse drive and Smithfield street intersection makes it infuriatingly difficult and often dangerous for local residents to go anywhere on those days. Can anyone responsible for planning development in Kensington just consider the appalling impact this unnecessary and ill conceived grasp for profit over local amenity wil have on us, the residents? We have lived in this area for 20 years and luckily have a garage, but the daily battles by residents to park near their own homes is increasingly frustrating. Some of the larger homes near us have four cars, don't use their garages and are quite aggressive in asserting their desire to park outside their (or our property). Our streets are very difficult to negotiate because of parking on both sides and the daily "rat running" from Smithfield Rd through to Kensington Rd creates a lot of tension and bad behaviour from drivers unwilling to take their turn to cross the single lane stock route. If this development was approved (even in smaller size) there would have to be changes made to the flow of traffic at both entry and exit points for this community. Any reduction in the free and safe use of the parks, stock route dual use path and consideration for residents' well being would be a betrayal of what was originally planned for this area of Kensington, which was medium density housing!! We have many, young families living here now and their children are able to play in our small parks, but more traffic, impatient drivers and increased population via high density accommodation will probably make it too dangerous for kids to cross the street. It is time to look at the appalling high rise block on the corner of Epsom Rd and Ascot Vale Rd and ask whether Melbourne City Council wants to follow that example. Councillors cannot boast about Melbourne's liveable city status and then go ahead and make this little pocket of Melbourne a living disaster. NO inappropriate development here are anywhere in Kensngton.

From Heather Hockings to local councillor Cathy Oke


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Planning Application for 16-22 Gatehouse Drive Kensington VIC 3031

Description: Construction of a multi storey building for accomodation purposes and reduce the car parking requirements

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