Planning application at 16 Boston Road Balwyn VIC 3103

Clare Buckley sent a message to Jane Addis.

Jane Addis
Clare Buckley
Planning application at 16 Boston Road Balwyn VIC 3103
July 11, 2016, 11:15 p.m.
Tony, Boston Rd is in the General Residential Zone 1 (GRZ1). This means that a developer can put as many dwellings on a lot as he can squeeze in with a 3 storey height limit. There was a strong backlash from residents in the surrounding streets- to no avail.
In contrast, most of Balwyn is in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone 3 which limits development to 2 dwellings per lot and a height limit of 2 storeys ( 8mtrs).
You have lucked out !!!!
It makes no sense and will destroy our leafy, lovely neighbourhoods

From Clare Buckley to local councillor Jane Addis


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Planning Application for 16 Boston Road Balwyn VIC 3103

Description: Construction of eight (8) dwellings on a lot and a reduction in visitor parking.

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Jane Addis
July 13, 2016, 8:31 a.m.
Hello Clare,

I write in response to your message on Planning Alerts regarding the application for 8 townhouses at 16 Boston Road, Balwyn.

To clarify - the development will be 2 storeys in height above a basement, and will have a maximum building height of 8.7m (the development includes some chimneys that will be higher than this). The maximum permissible height is 9m.

As you identified, the site is within the General Residential Zone (Schedule 1) where townhouse-style or apartment-style development is allowed, subject to meeting ResCode and Council’s Neighbourhood Character Policy.

Please also note that the application was initially described on Planning Alerts to include a reduction in visitor car parking. This is incorrect - the application will provide a visitor car space which meets the requirements of the planning scheme.

Council officers will be conducting their assessment within the next few weeks and once the application is ready for public notice, a sign will be erected at the front of the site to notify nearby residents and invite submissions. Notification letters will also be posted to adjoining and opposite landowners and occupiers.

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