Planning application at 160 Birrell Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

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Bill Mouroukas
Fiona Last
Planning application at 160 Birrell Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022
July 16, 2017, 11:38 p.m.
This, the casual removal of anything alive that gets in the way, seems to be a an increasing trend, especially in the last 6 months or so. Has Council changed its policy on tree protection? Anecdotally, I have heard of perfectly healthy native specimens that have had their removal recently approved. This is after many years of refusal by council for the same tree. I have recently seen an application for the removal of 15 trees from one site! Replacement by a healthy tree of a certain size is often a condition of approval by council but who polices this requirement? Again anecdotally, I am aware of three separate instances where this condition has never been met. The owner didn't want a tree there, for whatever reason, why would they plant another one? And if no one is going to enforce the requirement, mission accomplished.

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Planning Application for 160 Birrell Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Description: Remove four (4) trees from various location of the property. Site is subject to current DA-246/2017

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