Planning application at 162 Old Peachester Rd, Peachester, QLD

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Peter Cox
bronwyn berg
Planning application at 162 Old Peachester Rd, Peachester, QLD
March 16, 2018, 7:29 a.m.
apparently council have no rules when you use a building certifier, what a joke, this will be built within meters of a creek(if not on to it), spose to be 25 meters, disgraceful this is allowed .also does not need to survey block, we all had to,but mr siggs gets no rules, and allowed to keep a SHED with toilet shower etc within 1.5 meters of neighbor(mabey closer they never surveyed, just guessed and put shed there), interesting to know council have no power in sunshine coast area. , as this is disgraceful. i have lived here for over 25 years, always followed council rules, now mr siggs can do whatever he likes, and council say its o.k. why have rules then????? this is a protected area, and needs creek to run freely,please look into this case. the innocent neighbors are then forced to get a surveyor , even though they never built, why do they not have, mr siggs built, without knowing where the boundary was ?

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Planning Application for 162 Old Peachester Rd, Peachester, QLD

Description: Generally in Accordance - Dwelling

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