Planning application at 172-184 Roden Street West Melbourne VIC 3003

Matthew Williams sent a message to Hon Robert Doyle.

Hon Robert Doyle
Matthew Williams
Planning application at 172-184 Roden Street West Melbourne VIC 3003
Oct. 15, 2016, 7:37 a.m.
Dear Lord Mayor,

I wonder if you can help us understand the caretaker provisions to which Cr Rohan Leppert refers, under which approval has apparently been given to developers of 172 Roden Street to double the height restriction.

I can understand the need for caretaker provisions during council elections, but do they really give unelected officers such broad license to make approvals that massively exceed the planning overlays? The community is increasingly getting the impression that the planning overlays mean nothing. It often seems that developers treat them as minimums rather than maximums. To have the buck for decisions passed to unknown and unaccountable officials does not help community confidence in our local government.

If it is the case that the officers acted within their authority here, can I urge the newly elected council to consider reviewing the caretaker provisions? It seems to me that their hand should be restrained to approve applications which sit within existing planning guidelines; and to force applications for significant exceptions to wait for elected and publicly accountable office holders.

Best regards,
Matthew Williams
West Melbourne

From Matthew Williams to local councillor Hon Robert Doyle


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Planning Application for 172-184 Roden Street West Melbourne VIC 3003

Description: Proposed partial demolition of existing buidling, construction of 8 storey residential building with reduction of parking requirements

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Best wishes,

Hon Robert Doyle
Oct. 16, 2016, 11:06 p.m.
Dear Matthew

Thank you for your email to the Lord Mayor, which I will ensure he sees.

Please reply with an acknowledgement of this email as I am unsure whether this reply will be successfully sent to the Planning Alerts email address and not your personal email address.

Kind regards

Lindy Tan | Office of the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

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