Planning application at 174 The Comenarra Parkway, Wahroonga, NSW

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Jeff Pettett
Catherine Feurtado
Planning application at 174 The Comenarra Parkway, Wahroonga, NSW
July 26, 2017, 7:33 a.m.
After thoroughly reading all documents lodged from the developer I am deeply concerned with the inaccurate traffic analysis. At times it can take up to 40 mins to travel west through the Fox Valley and Comenarra intersection. This means I am late to work, children miss out on sports games/ training and experiencing high level of frustration 'just to get home'. The construction management report suggests that the driveway on Fox Valley Road is used as access for trucks and construction staff during the 12 week demolition and excavation phase and 52 weeks of construction. Really????
I certainly hope the SAN and RMS quickly improve the road system because it is inadequate for 127 children and 21 staff on a daily basis for 52 weeks/ year, ( except public holidays).

From Catherine Feurtado to local councillor Jeff Pettett


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Planning Application for 174 The Comenarra Parkway, Wahroonga, NSW

Description: Demolition of existing structures, use and construction of a 127 Place child care centre with basement car parking

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