Planning application at 19-23 Meyers Place Melbourne 3000

R Camillo sent a message to Arron Wood.

Arron Wood
R Camillo
Planning application at 19-23 Meyers Place Melbourne 3000
Aug. 24, 2018, 2:48 p.m.
This is a disrespect with the residents that have been here before Loop was open. Before Loop just had a lic to operate up 12:00am in the weekend, then was approved to operate all days of the week to 1:00am and now Loop applies work up to 3:00am????
How this can be justified? We are just 30 metres from the roof top we can hear people speaking loud and shouting up to 1:00am and now we need to deal with more people until 3:00am ( of corse that between 1:00 and 3:00 am would have even more drunk than before). Roof top bars have a limit to operate to 1:00 am for a reason. We need to understand that we have people leaving in the post code 3000 and Residents are big part to make the city alive. Why put Residents in this situation ? Why put Residents in this sleeping deprivation situation just to have more people consuming alcohol and be screaming when their leave the bar by 3:00am ?
Just as I’m writing I just heard people screaming now from the roof top.
We are loosing a sense of respect to orders. We already have enough venues around the CBD with Lic. Lic up to 3:00am.
I was aware that roof top bars just had a limit to operate to 1:00 am why this case is different ?

Totally disgrace - this can definably can cause nuisance on the everyday living standards of Residents and would increase the already unbearable situation of people screaming every night on effect of alcohol.

I would expect a minimum more respect coming from Loop Bar.

From R Camillo to local councillor Arron Wood


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Planning Application for 19-23 Meyers Place Melbourne 3000

Description: Increase Loop rooftop trading hours from 1am - 3am nightly.

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Arron Wood
Sept. 5, 2018, 5:03 a.m.
Dear Mr Camillo

Thank you for your email to the Deputy Lord Mayor and sincerest apologies for the delayed response.

I understand how frustrated you must feel.

I have been advised that once the application is advertised surrounding property owners/occupiers will have the opportunity to object to the increase in trading hours of Loop Bar.

Kind regards

Kaye Estoesta | (Acting) Projects Assistant to the Deputy Lord Mayor | Office of the Lord Mayor

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