Planning application at 19-23 Meyers Place Melbourne VIC 3000

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Tessa Sullivan
A Velcek
Planning application at 19-23 Meyers Place Melbourne VIC 3000
April 27, 2017, 8:11 a.m.

As a city resident whose apartment happens to be 30 meters from LOOP ROOF, this is disgraceful.

Loop Roof was originally granted a permit with carefully specified conditions to minimise the impact to nearby residents in the area. This is now the THIRD application... Loop are never satisfied! A never-ending need and greed to get more people into their space! Now they want more people (up to 200) and a retractable roof so that the noise coming from their space will be louder and clearer!

I already have difficulty sleeping due to ongoing noise issues from Loop and inner his will only add to my problems.

I love the city and all it's vibrancy but a line must be drawn! The council has a responsibility to maintain a balance between residential and commercial.


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Planning Application for 19-23 Meyers Place Melbourne VIC 3000

Description: Proposed installation of 2 new terraces with increase of patrons by 50 Use the rooftop as a tavern, construct building and works, and waive bicycle facilities requirement

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