Planning application at 19-23 Meyers Place Melbourne VIC 3000

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Arron Wood
Rafael Camillo
Planning application at 19-23 Meyers Place Melbourne VIC 3000
April 27, 2017, 7:47 a.m.
Once again it is a never ending history, since 2003 Loop has been granted a 24 hours, later on a new lic for a roof top bar with limited hours, later on again it was granted full hours everyday of the week for the roof top. Now only not satisfied Loop wants to build one more level in it's existing roof top - please notice this time they are applying for a full retractable roof - going from the exiting planning from 99 patrons - to 150 and now they want 200. We just need some balance !!!
Just for anyone's reference Our bedroom window it's just less than 30 metres direct in front of Loop roof and our apartment block was built and established in 1998 way before Loop starting operating. I'm not against roof top terraces but some balance should be take in consideration.

The question is who would be happy to have a roof top terrace with 200 patrons every night just 30 metres from your bedroom window? Do I need even answer?

Very frustrated Resident of post code 3000

From Rafael Camillo to local councillor Arron Wood


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Planning Application for 19-23 Meyers Place Melbourne VIC 3000

Description: Proposed installation of 2 new terraces with increase of patrons by 50 Use the rooftop as a tavern, construct building and works, and waive bicycle facilities requirement

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