Planning application at 19-71 Carroll Road, Oakleigh South, VIC

Sahar Armanious sent a message to Ron Brownlees.

Ron Brownlees
Sahar Armanious
Planning application at 19-71 Carroll Road, Oakleigh South, VIC
Jan. 23, 2018, 7:32 a.m.
We object to your proposal.

For over 30 years we have endured
the stench
anxiety felt in living with the smell and having to constantly call to have this dealt with
we inhale this toxic stuff
we could not go out in our garden
the amount of dust has often stopped us putting out our washing on the line. We felt like prisoners in our home with no choice.
the dust that covers our house windows and covers our cars (we have sent photos) is unacceptable.
the hardship this has on us financially to have this cleaned for years.
our family member endured a severe hardship with critical illness and we were not able to open the doors or windows and still the dust got into the house.
this then caused a downward spiral in health because they were not able to sit outside in the garden for a bit of respite.
The noise of the trucks and works, the mounds of dirt etc encroaches on any ounce of peace you would want living in your home
we now live in a street where people ignore your signs and the opposing footpath is a dumping ground for people's rubbish. At the moment there is a mattress, dinning chairs, cans of paint, an abandoned trailer with rubbish in it.
the toll of living this way for this long is causing our lives to drop to depression.
Do you live in this street. Would you know how it feels?

Please open it up to a garden green for a whole community to finally live well.
There must be another venue or another way, elsewhere.
It will be tragic to our family if you were to carry on regardless.

From Sahar Armanious to local councillor Ron Brownlees


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Planning Application for 19-71 Carroll Road, Oakleigh South, VIC

Description: Use and Develop the Land for a Solid Inert Waste Landfill

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