Planning application at 193 Denison Road Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

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Rosana Tyler
Olga Gruzdeff
Planning application at 193 Denison Road Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
July 14, 2016, 12:27 a.m.
I object to the fact that the neighbouring properties are not properly displayed on any plans, elevations or rendered drawings. The neighbours are conveniently covered by a tree in the rendered drawing. There is no reference to the heights of existing neighbouring buildings and comparison with the proposed development. The shadow diagrams are not enough to show this relationship and how it affects the street scape. The elevations do not show any neighbouring buildings as they should.
The overall design of the buildings is unsympathetic with the existing street-scape, and although there is no requirement by council to 'copy' period style buildings, this design does not demonstrate any relationship with its surrounds, especially neighbouring houses. As neighbouring buildings are not shown on the drawings, any evidence that there is a response to the street scape is not possible to determine. Contemporary design should indeed be encouraged, yet this proposal demonstrates another run of the mill attempt to be modern and creates a non-eventful outcome in any taste that as no reference to its surrounds. The colour pallet has no reference to and does not respond to the existing street scape. Modern design can happily stand on its own merit and blend in sympathetically with its surrounds, yet this does not.
There are no provisions for any parking, and although council would like to encourage a no-car future, it is highly unlikely and creates high and unrealistic demand on already stretches street parking.

From Olga Gruzdeff to local councillor Rosana Tyler


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Planning Application for 193 Denison Road Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

Description: To demolish the existing dwelling house; subdivide the land into 4 Torrens title allotments; and erect a 2 storey dwelling house on each lot

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