Planning application at 1C Bassi St Marion

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Bruce Hull
Matt Taylor
Planning application at 1C Bassi St Marion
Feb. 16, 2017, 8:27 a.m.
I'm the owner of the house in this image, 1 Bassi Street. Our home was constructed over 10 years ago. At time we questioned the council on the pending house number as they told us on enquiry that we would be allocated number one. We questioned the council about this decision as future development along our street would mean these homes would also use number one as a starting point. We now have wrong mail delivered, and now pending approval for construction using our home as the image !
Homes recently constructed now allocated numbers 1c,1b & so on are being confused with ours. What does the council now propose to rectify the issue they have created?

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Planning Application for 1C Bassi St Marion

Description: Dwelling Addition - Verandah

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