Planning application at 2-16 Wynyard Street, Cleveland, QLD

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Peter Mitchell
Brian Whitelaw
Planning application at 2-16 Wynyard Street, Cleveland, QLD
Oct. 5, 2016, 10:52 p.m.
Hi Peter,
Regarding the 50 car parks that will be lost - I simply used your figure of Hookers requiring 40 spaces and added a conservative 10 more to cover the cafe and offices that will be part of the development. The building itself occupies numerous former car spaces as well. The overall lose of parking in this busy area really is senseless. Making it all worse, I note that the architect's plans only indicate 31 on-site car parks for the development which means their inevitable overflow will take more of the few remaining spaces left available to the public.
I will look forward to hearing of your investigation into the valuation figure. More importantly, I will be keen to see what your investigation of the land sale process reveals.
Thanks again for your work in checking this out.

From Brian Whitelaw to local councillor Peter Mitchell


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Planning Application for 2-16 Wynyard Street, Cleveland, QLD

Description: Commercial Office and Refreshment Establishment

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