Planning application at 2-16 Wynyard Street, Cleveland, QLD

Brian Whitelaw sent a message to Peter Mitchell.

Peter Mitchell
Brian Whitelaw
Planning application at 2-16 Wynyard Street, Cleveland, QLD
Sept. 21, 2016, 5:04 a.m.
I do feel Council has completely done the wrong thing here selling off public parking, that is heavily used, for commercial development. The parking proposed at the community centre is not, in any way, a reasonable replacement.
However as it is going ahead I would ask you to intervene with regard to the identified koala trees that are to be removed. The proposed "offsets" are melaleucas, not a tree that is an appropriate replacement food tree for the brush box trees being destroyed.
Could you please insist that koala food trees are used?
Brian Whitelaw
40 Little Shore St.

From Brian Whitelaw to local councillor Peter Mitchell


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Planning Application for 2-16 Wynyard Street, Cleveland, QLD

Description: Commercial Office and Refreshment Establishment

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Peter Mitchell
Sept. 27, 2016, 7:36 a.m.
Hello Brian,
Thanks for getting in touch.
The development will indeed lose about 20 net car parks at this site site.
It will however free up 40 existing staff parks around the cbd for the business moving to the site.
The extra parks at RPAC are just one option from some of the proceeds of the sale into council (for the benefit of ratepayers) pockets.
If the car parks are added at RPAC, these are still quite handy to the CBD I believe, but do "shuffle the deck chairs" a little. I am happy to discuss this further with you.
The offset for the trees needing to be removed is purely a financial payment and so this money can be used in a strategic way for the environment, rather than a specific place or tree species.
This flexibility may produce a better outcome as you suggest.
Peter Mitchell