Planning application at 2 20 Canterbury Road, Braeside, VIC

Pete Boardman sent a message to Tamsin Bearsley.

Tamsin Bearsley
Pete Boardman
Planning application at 2 20 Canterbury Road, Braeside, VIC
Sept. 19, 2016, 12:55 a.m.
I Pete Boardman clearly object to the granting of this permit.
The business is currently trading obviously without a permit.
The classes currently consist of more than 3 people.
The property has only 3 car parks and as such the clientele use other car parks allocated to other factory owners.
The music being played while people are working is played so loud that the walls vibrate.
The owners have little or no regard for the other property owners that have to put up with the issues raised above.

From Pete Boardman to local councillor Tamsin Bearsley


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Planning Application for 2 20 Canterbury Road, Braeside, VIC

Description: USe the land for a Personal Training Studio

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