Planning application at 2 Devine Street Erskineville NSW 2043

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Clover Moore
Planning application at 2 Devine Street Erskineville NSW 2043
July 12, 2017, 11:33 p.m.
I am resident of Devine Street, it is a quant family friendly street with old charm due to the older exteriors of the federation and Victorian houses.

No 2 Devine is one of the old charmers of the Devine street. The proposed development has completely lost sight of what Devine Street / Erskineville is about.
The proposed plans are totally disregarding the exterior of this beautiful home. The proposed plans need to be reconsider due to many factors.

1- Privacy of the surrounding neighbours

2- Natural light obstruction again for the surrounding neighbours.

3- Not to mention there is no parking in the proposed development. With Devine Street already being a croweded Street due to lack of parking.

I strongly disagree with the proposed plans of 2 Devine Street and feel it is complete greed and lack of taste for the area.

Stop thinking about making the most amount money you can and think about the integrity of the area.

From HLMJ to local councillor Clover Moore


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Planning Application for 2 Devine Street Erskineville NSW 2043

Description: Demolition of existing single-storey dwelling and construction of three two-storey townhouses with strata subdivision. Removal of two trees on western boundary to rear.

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