Planning application at 2 Gayundah Esplanade, Woody Point QLD 4019

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Koliana Winchester
Nicholas Hine
Planning application at 2 Gayundah Esplanade, Woody Point QLD 4019
Jan. 31, 2017, 12:29 p.m.
I agree completely! And have the council (in their always infinite wisdom) considered how our roads, sewerage and other utilities will cope with all the extra demand placed upon them? I don't see any upgrades happening at the water sewerage processing plant, all I've seen is our roads being resurfaced causing massive delays and insane diversions, all for some traffic lights the road doesn't need! Crazy council, it seems they just go crazy when they see dollar signs, and all rules are waived, if youve got enough cash.

From Nicholas Hine to local councillor Koliana Winchester


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Planning Application for 2 Gayundah Esplanade, Woody Point QLD 4019

Description: Request to Extend the Relevant Period - Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Hotel, Food Service and Multiple Dwelling in nine (9) and ten (10) storey buildings.

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