Planning application at 2 McIllwraith Road, Joyner QLD 4500

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Denise Sims
Planning application at 2 McIllwraith Road, Joyner QLD 4500
Dec. 30, 2017, 5:26 a.m.
Michelle and Thor Weedon
Defined Land Uses Child Care Centre (NOT!)
Gross Floor Area (GFA) (m2) 866.64m2
Number of Children Approximately 120 children
Site Area 1,921m2 Site Coverage 55.1%
Building Height 2 storeys (8.335m) Access Single vehicle access and pedestrian access off McIllwraith Road ( Neighbour's in area looking at building heights being too high)
Car Parking 24 spaces( Need to be at least double 48 for the amount of kids)
Landscaping 204.79m2 (We are going to grow fatter kids with less play area)
Hours of Operation 6am-6pm Monday to Friday.

We are opposed to this development not only because of the fact that this is a residential neighbourhood & it is NOT a commercial area. When you look at the traffic report there are 24 car parking spaces. This is inadequate given the number of children that they are proposing to attend this centre which when you have 120 kids attending the centre with an average of 2 kids to a family means you need around 60 car spaces to be an adequate number of car parking with children's safety being a key factor as if we were to attend this child care centre I would not like to be getting my child out on a busy side ride where with the increased traffic volume comes a higher accident risk and then there is the office entry on McIlwraith Road. I can guarantee most of the cars will be parked up and down the street blocking residents getting out of their properties and causing traffic congestion in and out of Youngs Crossing Road. This will increase in the accident side of things and maybe Children & Adults both getting injured. Even if there is traffic lights or not!
With the size of landscaping designed this means all trees will be gone & this is one of the attractions to this neighbourhood & one of the many reasons our local neighbours brought in this area because of the relaxed open planned living & the peace & quiet lifestyle and it would mean minimal area for the children's out door play space. This sort of proposal should be moved to a bigger block further off the main road or to adjoining suburbs possibly near the ever growing Genesis college. This should be a single storey development as there are no other multi storey child care centres in the local area that has been approved by council & it does NOT fit the local demographics of our area.
We will be formally opposing this development when the official opportunity arises.

From Weedon to local councillor Denise Sims


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Planning Application for 2 McIllwraith Road, Joyner QLD 4500

Description: Material change of use - Development Permit for a Child care centre

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