Planning application at 2 Vennard Street Garbutt QLD 4814

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Ann-Maree Greaney
Steve Bailey
Planning application at 2 Vennard Street Garbutt QLD 4814
June 22, 2017, 12:58 a.m.
A number of well established "clean" businesses close to Domain Central will be adversely affected by this dusty, noisy, and potentially contaminating industry approved by council to be in our midst. We have retail businesses, glaziers, aluminium sales and scientific instrumentation companies surrounding this property that will all be subject to dust, noise, runoff and visual pollution. A large vehicle crushing plant is being installed within 4 metres of our rear boundary and that will pose a real source of noise and potential flying metal. The value of all local premises will also be significantly devalued by the proximity of this operation. As concerned business owners, we would appreciate an audience with the council to express our concerns over this operation. Besides the detrimental effect on local businesses, I cannot understand how such an operation can be approved within 250 metres of local housing.

From Steve Bailey to local councillor Ann-Maree Greaney


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Planning Application for 2 Vennard Street Garbutt QLD 4814

Description: Medium Impact Industry - Scrap Metal Yard

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