Planning application at 20-22 Annangrove Road, Kenthurst NSW 2156

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Michelle Byrne
Felicity Power
Planning application at 20-22 Annangrove Road, Kenthurst NSW 2156
Aug. 13, 2016, 2:50 a.m.
I am a parent of children at St Madeleine's, currently I would rather not affiliate myself with the Parish. This proposal is not widely supported by the school communities or members of the parish. The manner in which the proposal has been handled is unethical and secretive. Concerned parents of St Madeleine's are rallying against this. We are all hoping council will protect the interests of the community, the neighbouring residents, the 1600 children onsite. This proposal from the Parish Council poses enormous risks to all these children (pedestrian safety, child protection, psychological etc.) with a blatant disregard for their welfare. Please don't allow our kids to have to attend school metres away from a cemetery. This agenda is not driven by the masses, rather a handful of people. Catholic value: "love your neighbour as yourself".... ?????

From Felicity Power to local councillor Michelle Byrne


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Planning Application for 20-22 Annangrove Road, Kenthurst NSW 2156

Description: Demolition of Existing Dwelling, Construction of a Place of Worship, Cemetery and Parking

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