Planning application at 20 Runnymede Street Battery Point Tas 7004

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Sue Hickey
Planning application at 20 Runnymede Street Battery Point Tas 7004
Feb. 15, 2018, 5:23 a.m.
Is this a joke?
I’m not against development but once again Hobart City Council I don’t believe this should be a well considered community development proposal!
The Lenna Hotel at Salamanca, Tasmania have lodged a development with Hobart City Council wanting to build a 10 storey hotel over their existing carpark and attached to the existing 5 storey heritage hotel. THIS is just plain and simple greedy development. Not to mention poor traffic management plan. Presently, traffic flow (vehicle and pedestrian) are congested almost 24/7. This will only increase existing risks & jam.
Remember there is the historic Lady Gowrie childcare centre opposite and adjacent to what you want to build onto...when they play outside or look out their windows these kids and staff don’t need to look at such a concrete monster!
Another thing to be mindful of - Battery Point and Salamanca are residential and tourist village sharing areas NOT New York City or London mega cities.
Please half the height and make the boundary setbacks to an acceptable breathable visual. Make this Development at best smaller than the existing buildings. Finally, If people involved at every level of these ideas & reality I.e proposal, financing & approving were made to live amongst their decision we would not have such insensitive & stupid situations to deal with.

From Jenni to local councillor Sue Hickey


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Planning Application for 20 Runnymede Street Battery Point Tas 7004

Description: New Building for Hotel and Shops

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