Planning application at 200 Pacific Highway, Belmont North NSW 2280

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Laurie Coghlan
Mitchell Adams
Planning application at 200 Pacific Highway, Belmont North NSW 2280
Aug. 21, 2017, 10:35 a.m.
This development is wrong for that position in many ways, poor air quality from traffic on Pacific Hwy, Bush Fire Risk, Traffic flow problems at Violet Town Rd and Floraville Rd. to name a few. Every morning I use the intersection of Violet Town Rd. and the Pacific Hwy and have to take off like a race car to get out as does everyone else, there is about a 4 second visual to the south and the only way out is to take any gap possible. I also use the intersection to turn into Violet Town Rd. which is the same process in reverse and when you turn into Violet Town Rd. you have to get across the two lanes very quickly and any traffic turning into a carpark would cause a major problem. Most vehicles are doing in excess of the speed limit these days and it makes that intersection very dangerous and it needs upgrading in some way. Violet Town Rd is also used as a race track and burn out zone right in front of where the entrance to the development is going, have a look for yourselves at the tire marks on the road there. The traffic assessment report does not take into account that south bound traffic will use Camberwarra Drive shortcut to Floraville Rd. not the roundabout intersection with Violet Town Rd. causing a major traffic problem in the backstreets.
I am sure many more objections would have been submitted if people knew about the Development application, but as only adjoining neighbours were notified and the fact that no visible sign was put on the property many residents will be shocked if it does go ahead. I wouldn't send my child there.

From Mitchell Adams to local councillor Laurie Coghlan


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Planning Application for 200 Pacific Highway, Belmont North NSW 2280

Description: Child Care Centre

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