Planning application at 200 Pacific Highway, Belmont North NSW 2280

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Barry Johnston
Kim Broadbent
Planning application at 200 Pacific Highway, Belmont North NSW 2280
Aug. 20, 2017, 5:10 a.m.
As impacted neighbours of this development ,I along with all affected parties wish to forward this potential "Development Application No: DA/1689/2016,Lot 1019 DP575936 by CKDS Archictecture for the Kinda Kapers Flag Ship Child Care Centre to you ,our Elected Councillors,for your information and consideration of our situation.As "Long Established "Rate Paying Residents we do not wish this development to be approved by Lake Macquarie City Council following their "consideration "of a Child Care Centre being allowed to be constructed in a R2 Low Density Residential Area .Would you please consider and read all of the close proximity neighbour submissions which incorporate all of the major concerns at the Track My Application - LakeMac , Lot No. 1019, Section DP 575936 .This potential Child Care Centre if approved will incorporate , as per the Development Design,132 child enrolments which include 80 Pre-schoolers, 20 Toddlers,32 Babies and 24 OOSH students,a total of 156 Children along with approx 21 Staff ,which is, in comparison,the size of a Small State School (data 2017 ) for example, Marks Point Primary School - 148 Pupils,Blacksmiths Primary School - 100 Pupils, Mount Hutton Primary School -178 ,with only 22 more Pupils enrolled.Based on the guideline for development of a Child Care Centre within the Lake Macquarie Council Area,this Development would contravene the majority of guidelines including - Built on a State Road with more than 10,000 car movement per day,Telecommunication Towers in close proximity and Extreme Bush Fire Zone as per RFS . This Development of a 156 place Kinda Kapers Flagship Child Care Centre will have a huge impact on all neighbouring residences and this suburb , and also create major road /traffic congestion on both Violet Town Road ,Belmont North and the State Road - Pacific Highway, Belmont North if approved for development by Lake Macquarie City Council.

From Kim Broadbent to local councillor Barry Johnston


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Planning Application for 200 Pacific Highway, Belmont North NSW 2280

Description: Child Care Centre

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