Planning application at 211 Churchill Avenue Sandy Bay Tas 7005

Simon Nimmervoll and Anna Hardman sent a message to Helen Burnet.

Helen Burnet
Simon Nimmervoll and Anna Hardman
Planning application at 211 Churchill Avenue Sandy Bay Tas 7005
Nov. 22, 2018, 7:13 p.m.
We are neighbouring property to this address. The proposed 3 storey development at over 8m high at this address is extremely concerning and inappropriate for the following reasons.

1) There is no set back from the boundary. There is no property in the area that has habitable buildings on the boundary as this house is.

2) The height of the building is inappropriate for the area. The building will tower over numerous neighbouring properties. 1 meter higher than the roof of the existing dwelling is too tall. The existing established trees on the south east fence line of 213 Churchill will not offer protection into our back yard or our open plan living, dining and kitchen with floor to ceiling glass 12meters long, plus our upstairs bedroom and ensuite. With the dwelling being built so close to the south east and north east fence lines, it is unlikely that the trees will survive the building process with proposed excavation.

3) There is inadequate parking in the area for an 11 bedroom dwelling. The plans show 6 bedrooms but it is clear that with 11 rooms (excluding living areas) and 2 kitchens, the intended purpose for this property is student accommodation that could potentially house up to 40 people with multiple people living in each room.

This building is poorly designed, will not fit within the area and needs redesigning at an appropriate height and size to fit within the neighbourhood for sake of privacy and quality of living.

From Simon Nimmervoll and Anna Hardman to local councillor Helen Burnet


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Planning Application for 211 Churchill Avenue Sandy Bay Tas 7005

Description: New dwelling

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Helen Burnet
Nov. 23, 2018, 12:33 a.m.
Thanks Simon and Anna for writing.
This was heard at Council last Monday. The application was refused, based on residential amenity effectively responding to the concerns of you and other neighbours.
Please call if you have any questions about this.

Cr Helen Burnet
Deputy Lord Mayor
Chairperson City Planning
City of Hobart