Planning application at 22 Pemberton St Oaklands Park

D. Williams sent a message to Kris Hanna.

Kris Hanna
D. Williams
Planning application at 22 Pemberton St Oaklands Park
Aug. 15, 2017, 12:56 a.m.

We will be lodging an official objection to this application. I have been writing to council already for years about inadequate street parking outside 20, 22, 29 and 31 Pemberton street for residence as a result of the 3 row dwellings at no. 20 Pemberton Street and the dangerous conditions for us exiting and entering our driveway because of vehicles parked opposite our driveway in this narrow street and vehicles parked on both sides of the road. And council approving the 3 row dwellings at no. 20 with garages too narrow for vehicles to park in forcing vehicles on the street. Therefore I am objecting to 3 further row dwellings right next to the 3 row dwellings you have already approved at no.20 that have been built and are creating traffic hazards from inadequate street parking.

From D. Williams to local councillor Kris Hanna


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Planning Application for 22 Pemberton St Oaklands Park

Description: Three single storey row dwellings

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