Planning application at 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300

Rachel Grant sent a message to Paul Tully.

Paul Tully
Rachel Grant
Planning application at 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300
June 13, 2018, 4:37 a.m.
I object to this DA for a number of reasons:

1. Because it is in breach of the Ipswich Planning Scheme, as it includes lots less than 600sqm in size. Our suburb is quickly losing its character to small lot developments such as this, with nearby properties being devalued in the process.

2. I am also concerned about the ability of Jones Rd to cope with even more traffic. It is already a very busy road now, used by many children accessing the new State High and Augusta SS. The DA relates to a parcel of land where a right hand turn to exit onto Jones Rd would be almost impossible at peak hours (school drop off and pick up) and likely to cause accidents as people become frustrated and take silly risks.

3. I object to the loss of even more koala habitat. There is a sign advising people that koalas are in the area - just metres from this block!

4. Increased run off. Happy Jack Gully flooded across Jones Rd for the first time that I can ever remember (I have lived here for 18 years) earlier this year, with debris caught up in the fence on Jones Rd. This is no doubt due to all the development in the area and so, more development = more run off.

If Council is to approve development of this block, the developers need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a plan that is more in snych with the suburb and meets the needs of existing residents and native wildlife.

Cr Tully please stand up for Bellbird Park! We have had enough of cheap and nasty developments such as the one proposed.

From Rachel Grant to local councillor Paul Tully


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Planning Application for 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300

Description: Reconfiguring a Lot - One (1) Lots into Twenty Five (25) Lots, and Detention Basin

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