Planning application at 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300

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Paul Tully
Stacey Derksen
Planning application at 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300
June 14, 2018, 12:29 a.m.
I object to this development application. The proposed lot size is not in keeping with the local area, and the proposed stormwater infrastructure is unsuitable for the area given the substantial flooding that already occurs during rain events. Our property in Bellbird Park has seen increased flooding of Woogaroo Creek since the clearing of trees for Brentwood Forest estate occurred, and I imagine other properties in the vicinity would be experiencing the same. Deforestation is already rampant in the area, and long term residents can all attest to the rapid decline of local wildlife population - especially koalas that were once commonplace - as a direct result. Losing more flora and fauna in an area that has already been savagely deforested is not acceptable.
These types of subdivision proposals with small lots being created only impact the suburb negatively - crime rates in the last 10 years have gone up 50% (a quick check on QPS Crime Map website will show this information) and residents have lost their sense of calm and quiet. We've gone from hearing birds chirping to chainsaws revving, and it's highly disturbing that developers are continued to allow to destroy what once was a peaceful suburb boasting large blocks of land and abundant wildlife. Brentwood 'Forest' can hardly be called a fact residents of this estate are selling up and moving out because even they - the people who knowingly bought into a property development - can't handle seeing the devastating deforestation first hand after living there long enough to see the impact it has on the remaining wildlife. How can anyone approve the continuance of this trend in the area? It has to stop. Someone needs to draw a line before Bellbird Park becomes a concrete jungle.

From Stacey Derksen to local councillor Paul Tully


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Planning Application for 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300

Description: Reconfiguring a Lot - One (1) Lots into Twenty Five (25) Lots, and Detention Basin

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