Planning application at 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300

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Paul Tully
David Harris
Planning application at 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300
June 11, 2018, 3:07 a.m.
This development is planned for the developer not the householder. The area is zoned are low density and should be an average size of 600sq ms. There is only one block over 600sqm.The proposed average is 489 sq ms . Surely they can not be allowed to get away with this? . Bellbird Is losing its leafy appeal. This proposal makes no provision for wildlife. They had better hire spotters to quantify the presence of wild life and not remove any habitat native bush. It is in a flood zone, a regular one. Storm water drainage would contribute to this. How will the provision for infrastructure impact on block size? Having a road in the location would see back yards along it. Hardly in keeping with Bellbirds character. This development must be refused and have the developers submit a development in keeping with the character of Bellbird Park. Clearly the developers are trying on the council, trying to squeeze as many houses onto the location as possible. Planning schemes should be in place to protect people from such developments. This is clearly a try on by the developers. Our neighbourhood comes first

From David Harris to local councillor Paul Tully


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Planning Application for 228-230 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300

Description: Reconfiguring a Lot - One (1) Lots into Twenty Five (25) Lots, and Detention Basin

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