Planning application at 233 Welsby Parade, Bongaree QLD 4507

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Brooke Savige
Mike Looney
Planning application at 233 Welsby Parade, Bongaree QLD 4507
March 18, 2019, 7:07 a.m.
Having only moved to Bribie 2 years ago, a 5 storey development does seem out of its character, 3 would be more inline with the area.
When will the government provide a second bridge & dual lanes to the M1? It’s madness to keep adding in more & more traffic & not coping with it.
Every day I see so many ambulances seemingly going from Bribie / Ningi to Caboolture etc, with assed traffic congestion it will make it to time costly for sick people to get to help

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Planning Application for 233 Welsby Parade, Bongaree QLD 4507

Description: Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Muiltple Dwelling (10 Units)

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