Planning application at 234 Diagonal Rd Warradale

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Kris Hanna
Concerned resident
Planning application at 234 Diagonal Rd Warradale
Dec. 4, 2016, 6:49 a.m.
How many more Christmas light displays must there be - I'd hate to be a home owner living next to one of these blazing,10 MW extravaganzas! ...or living opposite...

If allowed, this must surely place an even greater cause for distraction on drivers along Diagonal and other intersecting roads.

[And while I've got you Kris, have you taken a look at the future slums being erected in the vicinity of Egmont Avenue? Where there was 3 great family homes 3 years ago there's now going to be 10 dwellings-all with totally inadequate storage so the single garages are filled with 'junk; the residents' cars will overflow across the pavement and children won't be able to exercise in their own homes-why? NO GARDENS ANYMORE - JUST SLUMS.
I wonder how Rau (SC...what a joke!!) would like to have his amenity affected in this way-1 neighbour one year...4 the next - or even 2 and 4???. And double storey too!]

From Concerned resident to local councillor Kris Hanna


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Planning Application for 234 Diagonal Rd Warradale

Description: Temporary erection of Christmas lights on north western tower

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