Planning application at 24 Cranbrook Avenue Cremorne NSW 2090

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Jilly Gibson
Rainer Sdorra
Planning application at 24 Cranbrook Avenue Cremorne NSW 2090
March 29, 2017, 2:05 a.m.
To me this reads like a total developers con job. Where in this Sydney wide building boom does one see four bedroom apartments being build? In a block designed higher than the surrounding apartment blocks?

This is just an old trick by the developer, based on receiving massive opposition from nearby residents which will see the application rejected by the council. What follows is a scaled down resubmission, this one being eight stories with 16 two bedroom apartments, the same height of neigbouring properties. Note 16 ratepayers as opposed to eleven.

It will happen, we are living in an economy that survives on real estate investment and the connected building boom that keeps this country out of recession. Not much else right now to fill the coffers so governments, local, state and federal are more than happy to approve such applications, especially in places such as Cranbrook Ave which is more or less ruined by such developments, close to the city and transport.

You want NIMBYISM, move to Mosman or Woolahra where the Bankers and Developers live and such applications wouldn't see the light of day.

Good luck with this fight everyone, don't get your hopes up though.

From Rainer Sdorra to local councillor Jilly Gibson


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Planning Application for 24 Cranbrook Avenue Cremorne NSW 2090

Description: Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a 11 storey residential flat building containing 10 apartments with basement parking.

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