Planning application at 248-252 Unley Road, Hyde Park 5061

Mary Rumbold sent a message to Rob Sangster.

Rob Sangster
Mary Rumbold
Planning application at 248-252 Unley Road, Hyde Park 5061
June 4, 2019, 10:56 a.m.
Government at all levels are talking the talk but not walking the walk about the greening of Adelaide & mitigating the effects of climate change. When the hard decisions about greening all levels of government appear to retreat from challenging the development industry. These trees are full of birdlife. I know as I walk the dogs most mornings past them & see the birds flying in & out. Shameful if the are allowed to disappear!

From Mary Rumbold to local councillor Rob Sangster


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Planning Application for 248-252 Unley Road, Hyde Park 5061

Description: Demolish existing structures and trees

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