Planning application at 25 Brindisi Street, Mentone, VIC

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Rosemary West
Celia Green
Planning application at 25 Brindisi Street, Mentone, VIC
Nov. 12, 2017, 1:06 p.m.
Dear Rosemary,
There is a large Norfolk Pine located on this proposed development site. I believe the council have done an assessment in regards to its significance. Is the result of this assessment publicaly available?

I am concerned at the removal of this tree should the development proceed given the council aim of no net loss in canopy cover and the focus on conservation and protection of trees as stated on the council website. Should the council have deemed this tree removable I would like to know the reasons why.

Many Thanks

From Celia Green to local councillor Rosemary West


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Planning Application for 25 Brindisi Street, Mentone, VIC

Description: Develop the land for the construction of Twelve (12) Three Storey Dwellings with basement car parking

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