Planning application at 25 Quills Road Lalla TAS 7267

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Ted Sands
Ian Lake
Planning application at 25 Quills Road Lalla TAS 7267
Aug. 16, 2017, 6:34 a.m.
Ian Lake commented less than a minute ago
The Hamlet of Lalla comprises 18 dwellings located in an area adjacent to the proposed
Development. I am the owner of 361 Lalla Road.
I have a number of objections to the proposal.
Firstly the application approval for the first initial laying shed is seriously flawed in its environmental assessment and by implication so is the current application.
- Odour assessment and wind vectors. Earlier this year the applicant spread large quantities of chicken manure on land owned by the applicant close to next to housing in the Karoola hamlet. The resulting strong foul odour could be smelt from Karoola and along Lalla road. This strong odour affected many dwellings and owners myself included. The duration of the odour was some weeks.
- pollution of waterways with high nutrient levels. The applicant spread a large amount of chicken manure within 3 meters of a permanent watercourse. This water course runs adjacent to the first layer shed and directly into the Pipers river in close proximity.
Runoff from the above practice would have resulted in pollutant of the Pipers River with excessive nutrients. Photographic evidence can be provided of the locality and extent.
- The Karoola and Lalla hamlets are situated in a scenic protection area.
The construction of large layer sheds in highly reflective zincalume detracts significantly from the visual beauty of the area.
- The locality of Lalla Road has a number of planning permits for tourism and accommodation. The Pear Walk bed and breakfast , The Apple shed Gallery, Lalla road Vineyard and Cellar door , and the Wag Walker rhododendron gardens visitor centre.
All of these businesses are to be affected by this intensive animal husbandry located in the immediate vicinity. They will be affected by strong odours, by large sheds impairing the scenic beauty of the area, and damage to the envirionment.
In Summary I am in support the council's rural resource zone and its continuation.
I am not in support of the impact of intensive industrial farming, and in particular the poor track record of the applicants first layer shed has had on denigrating the local amenity, and the further negative impacts the applicants current proposal will have on
the many residences and tourism businesses in the locality.
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Planning Application for 25 Quills Road Lalla TAS 7267

Description: Resource Development - intensive animal husbandry; construction of an outbuilding (chicken shed for egg production) and vegetation removal

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Ted Sands
Aug. 16, 2017, 10:12 a.m.
Hi Ian thank you for the email I look forward to the application coming before council in the near future,, for a rigorous assessment in the process regards Ted

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