Planning application at 256-258 Bridge Road, Pooraka SA 5095

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Gilian Aldridge
Matthew ferguson
Planning application at 256-258 Bridge Road, Pooraka SA 5095
March 8, 2017, 1:55 a.m.
I am deeply troubled about the size of this mosque,and the ramifications it will have for my beautiful area, ive lived here for thirty plus years, how it will change my area into my life as an australian, and turn it into fearing for my young daughter's saftey..I say,this out of experience my sister lived at parkholme on condana ave,
She has two beautiful daughters her daughters have been abused being called hideous names and one was asulted by people that attend marion-parkholme mosque she has since moved in fear of being raped or asulted.
Please dont let it be built here my area is such a beautiful area with a friendly vibe, i dont want it compromised i beg you as an Australian please reconsider building approval...if my daughter gets this treatment like in marion.I will hold you personally responsible

From Matthew ferguson to local councillor Gilian Aldridge


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Planning Application for 256-258 Bridge Road, Pooraka SA 5095

Description: Place of Worship with Associated Activities and a Cemetery with Carparking, Landscaping and Stormwater Arrangements

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