Planning application at 256-258 Bridge Road, Pooraka SA 5095

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Donna Proleta
Marge Simpson
Planning application at 256-258 Bridge Road, Pooraka SA 5095
April 2, 2017, 1:54 a.m.
I am confused by why these muslim people come to our country because they want to escape their countries because of the religous ramifications they face. Then they want to over run our beautiful country/state Adelaide with there hateful religous beliefs and build their mosques everywhere in Adelaide. NO NO NO, come to Australia/Adelaide to live a peaceful relaxed life. Government, councils that are making these decisions need to start listening to Australians, good christian people and promote love, peace and happiness not killing, raping women, treating women like they are less of a human being than the men in their religion, promote suicide and going to heaven to get all their virgins. Really do the council's want to be a part of this. I don't want to be and I will be the first person down there sitting in the way of any construction. I am more than happy to protest to protect my and all Australians way of life. I will have my thongs on, my BBQ cooking some bacon and eggs and a glass of wine with me anyone wanting to join me are very welcome. I LOVE AUSTRALIA/ADELAIDE.

From Marge Simpson to local councillor Donna Proleta


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Planning Application for 256-258 Bridge Road, Pooraka SA 5095

Description: Place of Worship with Associated Activities and a Cemetery with Carparking, Landscaping and Stormwater Arrangements

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