Planning application at 256 Brooker Avenue North Hobart Tas 7000

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Anna Reynolds
Rosanna Cameron
Planning application at 256 Brooker Avenue North Hobart Tas 7000
Feb. 16, 2019, 4:04 a.m.
I am not in favour of this Development. But, my fundalmental objection is that the Developemnt being carried out by people who are not from Hobart or Tasmania. We should not be allowing overseas buyers (as I have been told these are) to buy up our properties. They have no feeling for, or interest in Local streetscape or history. Their only interest is in the money that can be made. These proffits are not for Tasmania or even Australia. Why do we allow overseas buyers to purchase in our country? It is very difficult for an Australian to purchase in many overseas countries.

From Rosanna Cameron to local councillor Anna Reynolds


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Planning Application for 256 Brooker Avenue North Hobart Tas 7000

Description: Demolition and 4 new multiple dwellings

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