Planning application at 269 Princes Highway, Bulli NSW 2516

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John Dorahy
Trevor Jones
Planning application at 269 Princes Highway, Bulli NSW 2516
Jan. 26, 2017, 6:19 a.m.
If we are against development in Bulli I suggest we don't build the KFC and install stables for my horse because that's how we use to get around. Bulli is so beautiful with all those old crusty shops the stable will fit right in, vote no for shinny new buildings like KFC and Woolworths let's stay in the 17th century.
Your little anti development whiner Trev from Bulli.

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Planning Application for 269 Princes Highway, Bulli NSW 2516

Description: Woolworths - demolition of structures, proposed expansion to carpark by 51 spaces, construction of KFC restaurant (operating 24 x 7) with associated drive through and signage and reconfiguration of Molloy Street entrance to enable entry and exit

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