Planning application at 269 Princes Highway, Bulli NSW 2516

Elizabeth Lea sent a message to Ann Martin.

Ann Martin
Elizabeth Lea
Planning application at 269 Princes Highway, Bulli NSW 2516
Dec. 21, 2016, 2:55 a.m.
Dear Councilor,
I'm wondering if you have considered the traffic impact that the new development will have on current situation that is occurring in the area? Is Memorial Drive going to be extended prior to this development occurring? Local residence are already feeling the weight of the traffic woes in the area.

Did you know that Woolworths has a DA plan to build a KFC in Bulli?

Can Woolworths look at building a structure that is more beneficial for the community?

At the moment there are no long day daycares and the 3 local ones have a 3-4 year wait list. There is no land to build a new building in the area.

It would be great to see Woolworths contribute in a way that the Bulli community would like to see. Please make Woolworths rethink their proposal. There is no benefit for the local community to gain a fast food outlet or to see traffic conditions become even heavier.

Please help us fight this DA plan!

From Elizabeth Lea to local councillor Ann Martin


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Planning Application for 269 Princes Highway, Bulli NSW 2516

Description: Woolworths - demolition of structures, proposed expansion to carpark by 51 spaces, construction of KFC restaurant (operating 24 x 7) with associated drive through and signage and reconfiguration of Molloy Street entrance to enable entry and exit

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