Planning application at 269 Stewart Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Mark Simpson sent a message to Helen Davidson.

Helen Davidson
Mark Simpson
Planning application at 269 Stewart Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057
May 20, 2018, 11:25 a.m.
Spot on Helen. Unfortunately some of us are having to get away from it all by moving out of the suburb. I lived in close proximity to CERES for 12 years but the weariness of living in a perpetual building site took its toll. I really do hope this is knocked back for the terrible idea that it is but given the propensity for the council and VCAT to ignore real world impacts on the local community I'm not holding my breath.

It is a shame that the fabric of the suburb is currently being consumed by these inappropriate developments. The council don't seem to mind as long as their coffers are replenished. My dealings with them in simply trying to get the developers to adhere to the approved plans repeatedly fell on deaf ears or dull minds. So what can you do? Fight or flight? Sadly I flew but I must admit that my life is definitely less stressful when not being confronted by this on a daily basis. I wish you all luck.

From Mark Simpson to local councillor Helen Davidson


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Planning Application for 269 Stewart Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Description: Development of the land to construct a part five and part six storey building with basement car parking and a roof deck, containing a shop and 75 dwellings; use of the land for dwellings; removal of vegetation and a reduction of the standard car parking requirement

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