Planning application at 27 Duncan Street Maroubra NSW 2035

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Geoff Stevenson
Theresa Galea Fearn
Planning application at 27 Duncan Street Maroubra NSW 2035
May 23, 2017, 12:05 a.m.
Dear Theresa,
We refer to the subject development and proposal for a child care centre. Comments from residents have since been received, particularly with respect for traffic impacts on Duncan Street.

We have reviewed each comment and responded to the key concerns generally raised. Reference should be made to the Traffic Impact Assessment prepared by TRAFFIX (Reference: 16.113r01v05) which was submitted with the development application.

1. Concerns about proximity to intersections and U-turns.

TRAFFIX Response:

With respect for developments situated near an intersection, the off-street parking standard AS2890.1 (2004) illustrates locations where vehicular access to a site would be prohibitive (Figure 3.1). We interpret the intent behind this requirement as to off-set driveways from intersections to discourage motorists from cutting across oncoming traffic to access a property. In the case of the proposed development, the existing access is located outside of this prohibited area, and therefore no increased risk of danger is anticipated in this respect.

We observe than Duncan Street is well connected to the surrounding road network, with signalised intersections provided at Torrington Road / Malabar Road and Maroubra Road / Malabar Road. As such, there is not considered to be an overarching reason why parents would perform a U-turn, as access to/from Malabar Road can be easily achieved from both ends of Duncan Street.
2. Concerns about the narrow street width of Duncan Street

TRAFFIX Response:

The peak traffic generation for the proposed development has been assessed to be 20 vehicle trips per hour, which equates to no more than an additional vehicle trip being generated every three minutes. Furthermore, due to the layout of the road network and orientation of the pick-up and drop-off restriction, it is anticipated that most parents will arrive in single file, which would disperse these already low volumes.

In any case the proposed pick-up and drop-off parking restriction is parallel in configuration, which requires less manoeuvring width as opposed to drivers entering and exiting directly from a property.

3. Concerns about parking impacts from proposed on-street restriction.

TRAFFIX Response:

On-Street parking surveys were commissioned in March 2016 during the morning and evening peak periods anticipated for the proposed child care centre. The results were presented in the Traffic Impact Assessment report where a maximum occupancy of 73% was recorded of all parking spaces within 250 metres walking distance of the site. Vacancies were also regularly observed on Duncan Street.

Provided that on-street conditions have largely remained the same, e.g. no major development or new parking restrictions have been signposted, there is considered to be capacity to accommodate a pick-up and drop-off parking restriction on Duncan Street. It is noteworthy that the proposed restriction will contain three spaces and is confined to the frontage of the subject site.

Over a typical two hour pick-up and drop-off window during the morning and evening (7:00am to 9:00am and 4:00pm to 6:00pm), the average turnover for each space will be 15 minutes for the proposed capacity for 24 children (and assuming every child arrives by private transport). This is considered to be a reasonable timeframe and minimal reliance on unrestricted parking by parents is therefore anticipated.

4. Concerns about staff parking.

TRAFFIX Response:

Parking requirements for staff have been assessed in the Traffic Impact Assessment report. The site is located within proximity to bus stops on Maroubra Road that are serviced by an extensive number of routes that link to key regional destinations such as Maroubra Junction, Bondi Junction and the Sydney central business district. Staff will therefore be encouraged to take advantage of readily available public transport services and the applicant has proposed several incentives such as reimbursement and carpooling initiatives.

5. Concerns about safety of pedestrians

TRAFFIX Response:

All designated pick-up and drop-off parking for the proposed development is provided across the site frontage and will therefore avoid the need for any roads or driveways to be crossed when walking to/from the child care centre building. The applicant is open to regular communication with parents to induct and educate them about general road safety principles.

To conclude, the proposed development is considered to be a scale that will cause minimal impacts, and therefore continued support is given on transport planning grounds. We trust the above is of assistance and please contact the undersigned should you have any queries or require any further information.

Yours faithfully,

Kedar Ballurkar Senior Engineer

From Theresa Galea Fearn to local councillor Geoff Stevenson


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Planning Application for 27 Duncan Street Maroubra NSW 2035

Description: Alterations and additions to the existing building, garage and fencing with associated works and conversion to childcare centre catering for 43 children.

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