Planning application at 27 Duncan Street Maroubra NSW 2035

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Harry Stavrinos
Theresa Galea Fearn
Planning application at 27 Duncan Street Maroubra NSW 2035
May 15, 2017, 10:33 p.m.
There are no parking issues surrounding 27 Duncan St and this has been proven by the following evidence:
1. Randwick Council development engineers assessed this issue and determined the childcare for 24 children will not cause a parking issue.
2. An independent Traffic Impact Assessment conducted parking surveys of this area of Duncan St and it found spare capacity not just in Duncan St but also in surrounding streets.
3. I have worked in the Duncan Street for 12 months and I have always got a park right outside 27 Duncan St property.
4. I have statutory declarations from my painter stating he and his 3 works always got a park outside 27 Duncan St.
5. I have a statutory declaration from my plumbers stating they always got a park with their trucks outside 27 Duncan St.

There is no evidence to say there is a parking issue. All evidence from the council and from independent experts, from contractors who have worked in Duncan st and from me a liberal Randwick resident who has lived in maroubra for over 20 years . I have presented the proof there are no parking issues related to the DA for 24 children. I admit for over 40 children there could have been an issue but for 24 there are no parking issues

From Theresa Galea Fearn to local councillor Harry Stavrinos


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Planning Application for 27 Duncan Street Maroubra NSW 2035

Description: Alterations and additions to the existing building, garage and fencing with associated works and conversion to childcare centre catering for 43 children.

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