Planning application at 285 Oakey Flat Road, Morayfield QLD 4506

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Darren Grimwade
C Jones
Planning application at 285 Oakey Flat Road, Morayfield QLD 4506
Oct. 31, 2018, 3:43 a.m.
Dear Moreton Bay Regional Council elected councillors
Development Application 2018 / 36729 / V2L
Property Location: 285 Oakey Flat Road, MORAYFIELD QLD 4506
293 Oakey Flat Road, MORAYFIELD QLD 4506
87 Burbury Road, MORAYFIELD QLD 4506 MORAYFIELD QLD 4506
Property Description: Lot Lot 8 RP 196576, Lot 2 RP 804516, Lot 3 RP 804516

We wish to make you aware of a number of strong objections that numerous residents of Morayfield South have with regard to the proposed Material Change of Use - for Local Centre Precinct (including day-care retail fast food, Service Station ancillary retail)
This application contradicts the Caboolture-Morayfield Principal Regional Activity Centre in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031in the following respects:
We strongly object to the building of a shopping centre, petrol service station, fast food, retail and the high density housing etc in what is a residential and rural residential area.
We object to the destruction of the healthy urban ecosystem these lots and this area has, this part of Morayfield South is typical of an older rural residential area, as well as having large densities of mature large trees and occasional watercourse it is also home to a wide variety of native bird and wildlife.
Koalas, many Kangaroos are often seen in this area.
The endangered black cockatoo and many other birds often feed and live in the vegetation found in the area the developers want to clear cut.
Morayfield Souths healthy urban ecosystem is already under duress with the slash and burn, clear cutting of neighbouring lots but the whole suburb is not yet totally destroyed.
It is not too late for MBRC to protect what remains by refusing applications of this sort.
The very reason why we and many others brought into a master planned acreage properties suburb was not to have what the developers and MBRC are trying to force onto us now.
We brought into Morayfield south for the acreage residential healthy ecosystem lifestyle, not high density, shopping centres, fast food and petrol stations.
Destruction of Acreage Lifestyle and Urban Ecosystem
I and many others believe MBRC should encourage developments to create places and spaces which meet the needs and provide land choices of all people (not just the destructive high density living developments that this application propose) are visually attractive, safe, accessible, functional and fully funded by the developer, be inclusive for people and wildlife, have their own distinctive identity which maintains our acreage properties local character.
The acreage properties of Morayfield South living in harmony with our native wild life present MBRC an incredible opportunity to protect and commercially promote this unique type of lifestyle and accommodation choices.
How many suburbs do you know of close to amenities in MBRC area that still have Koala's, kangaroos, Echidna, Bandicoots along with masses of native birds on their properties daily?
All which are protected species by law!
But what’s the point of protecting the species if council doesn't protect the habitat they need to survive.
If the proposed development went ahead as planned our lifestyle and the area’s wildlife habitat would be lost forever to the detriment of us and our future generations!
We believe this application proposal to contravene MBRC own guidance as it is to the detriment of the quality, character and amenity value of our suburb.
Council have an obligation to plan our suburbs considering all aspects of that suburb including its wildlife and the residents that actually live there.
Not just the developer who lives nowhere near the slum they propose.
The close dealing MBRC councillors and employees have with the companies concerned with the destruction of Morayfield South does nothing to restore the public’s confidence that all applications concerning Morayfield South are without corruption, unethical behaviour or conflicts of interest.
The Moreton Futures Trust that many of the MBRC councillors involved in Morayfield South have an active interest in is another source of mistrust for this area’s rate payers.
Many Morayfield South rate payers are adamant that the companies involved in development applications concerning Morayfield South have prejudiced the interests of council to accept and force through their applications to the detriment of the rate payers that own acreage property.
We believe the residents that live in Morayfield south are not against proper reasonable development of the area, a development that highlights the value of acreage living alongside a healthy native urban ecosystem.
But we are against the over-development, high density type developments that this application want and MBRC are considering for our suburb. This type of infill development is much better suited to areas closer to Morayfield and Caboolture centre where public transport and other crucial infrastructure already exists.
Council has the opportunity to develop Morayfield South into a purpose built affordable acreage suburb not just another Brisbane outer suburb high density dormitory rental slum suburb with all the issues and social problems that come with them.
Current demand and prices show that acreage properties are very much sort after by rate payers that don’t want to live in in a high density suburb. Those rate payers should not be forced to move due to the suburb, the lifestyle, the native urban ecosystem around them being clear cut and destroyed.
MBRC needs to learn from the mistakes councils like Logan and Ipswich have made approving so many high density rental developments in their area and the dangerous social issues those suburbs now have to live with daily.
Morayfield South has some of the best acreage properties left in Southeast Qld, why does council not consider for Morayfield South a quality purpose built acreage suburb with homes on 5,4,3,2,1, half or three quarter acre blocks. Look at the “hideaway estate” off Hunt road as a great example, or the small acreage estate just finished on Hauton Road that blends in perfectly with the suburb.
It is now time to ensure our native woodlands, the native wildlife that relies on them for their habitats, are afforded much better protection. It’s time for MBRC to show the community it is putting in place reforms leading to land clearing rates falling significantly. However, it is crucial that remaining habitat including regrowth is retained within the urban and peri urban footprint. Koala surveys undertaken over many years confirm the importance of retaining this type of ‘mature’ vegetation for the remaining residential koala populations. These sites also become vital ‘sinks’ for displaced koalas and other wildlife coming from areas previously totally cleared of vegetation for these high density applications and their related infrastructure.
Water Run Off
The Morton Bay shire already has some of the worst water quality in its creeks, rivers and catchment areas in Queensland ultimately affecting the water quality of Moreton Bay. Some experts believe this poor water quality is due to the high density over development of our area. The destruction of 100% of the vegetation on this site and replacing it with a surface that is impervious to water penetration will only add to the run off and carrying with it all the pollutants that a commercial/retail and high density residential site will produce. The delicate wetlands ecosystems of the area that are not far from the rear of this property would be directly affected by run off pollution from this site, flowing onto other areas of Morayfield and Burpengary and eventually contributing to the pollution of Morton bay .
The MBRC web site even states the following:” Water is a scarce and essential naturel resource. Conserving and maintaining water quality is especially important in Australia. Preventing or reducing water pollution protects our water quality and is essential to maintaining the health of our environment and our own quality of life.”
The close proximity of a vital water way to a service station and the petrochemical pollutants that will be washed off the stations drive way and parking area into our water ways has not been adequately addressed.
Traffic congestion
The proposed development is on a busy road the risks of an accident are very real.
The road infrastructure for the area is already at saturation point.
Bottlenecks already occur daily along Oakey Flat and Walkers Road. The surrounding roads are then used as rat runs as commuters try to find any possible access out of the area. This puts the residents of Morayfield south at unnecessary risk to this type of congestion.
The close by, purpose built Regional Activity Centre of Caboolture and Morayfield have the adequate road infrastructure already in place to cope with the volume of traffic service stations and retail shopping centres produce.
Infill Developments of this type will only increase the road saturation as it will deviate traffic away from the purpose built road infrastructure closer to the Regional Activity Centre which was purpose planned and built for these types of developments.
The risk to other people using Oakey Flat road along with all other roads around the proposed development will increase, with the increase of traffic in the area along with traffic turning in and exiting traffic. The additional noise and light pollution along visual and vehicle pollution as a result of the additional traffic will have a negative impact directly on us, our neighbours and the areas wildlife.
The proposed plans and the Morayfield South road infrastructure do not allow for the amount of traffic that a development of this type would generate, It is unreasonable for the rate payers of MBRC to have to bear the additional road infrastructure costs and local road repairs cost that a development of this type would require.
It is also unreasonable for the residents of Morayfield South to have to waste more of their time gridlocked in traffic due to high density developments being built in areas where the road infrastructure is insufficient to bear the load. Approval of such developments as the proposed will make commuting through Morayfield south a traffic congestion nightmare.
Every route in Morayfield South will be over capacity if MBRC continue to approve these and other types of in fill applications.
We the residents of Morayfield south didn’t purchase our acreage properties here to have MBRC over approve high density housing estates in our suburb. We chose to purchase in a suburb that had space, lifestyle and a healthy urban ecosystem. If MBRC continue to approve developments of this nature Morayfield South will become one of the most congested suburbs in the whole region.
MBRC has an obligation to the residents that purchased a acreage lifestyle that already call Morayfield South home and MBRCare employed to preserve our chosen lifestyle and native urban ecosystem.
By MBRC approving applications of this nature council is destroying our lifestyle, the current residents of Morayfield south already have to fight our way through traffic gridlock every morning and every afternoon wasting valuable time we should be spending with family, at work or at play.
There are already areas in Morayfield north and Caboolture that are much more suited for this type of high density development with adequate road infrastructure already built capable of moving the traffic that this type of development would produce.
It makes total sense to keep this type of commercial activity within the original Regional Activity Centre of Caboolture and Morayfield area for so many valid reasons eg; public safety, proper road infrastructure, public transport, pollution control, security, protecting our native wildlife’s environment and habitat along with protecting the place where we live, sleep and call home.
The need for this business to be built in this location has no logic as the the Morayfield Caboolture Activity Centre is less than 2.5 km away a mere three minute car ride or less than 20 minute walk.
Caboolture-Morayfield Principal Regional Activity Centre
The Morayfield Caboolture Activity Centre already has ample, GP surgeries, shops, vets, supermarkets and restaurants along with a vast amount of vacant commercial property for sale/ lease or unoccupied in the Morayfield Cabooltures service centre, the alleged demand for more retail and commercial properties is not warranted. Another petrol station is defiantly not warranted especially one built next to people’s homes.
The closing of the large Caboolture Sand and Gravel site at 369 Morayfield road and its development into more commercial activities has also added to the already ample supply of commercial activity in this area.
It is important to note that one of the new businesses to open at 369 Morayfield road is yet another petrol service station. This service station will be only 2.5km less than a 3 minute drive from the proposed development. Morayfield south currently has three petrol service stations with retail outlets all within a 2.5 to 2.9 km from 293-285 Oakey Flat Road.
Approving the building of a shopping centre, fast food, petrol station in this bushland residential area is not only totally not needed, but out of place with the suburb and also a vast injustice to the current business owners who have taken the risk and invested in and started their business within the boundaries of the Caboolture-Morayfield Principal Regional Activity Centre under the belief that commercial activity and therefore the concentration of their clients would be confined within the Caboolture-Morayfield Principal Regional Activity Centre.
The Morayfield Caboolture Activity Centre also has the existing transport and infrastructure to cater for these types of commercial activities already in place.
There are currently 18 service stations serving the Caboolture/Morayfield area the furthest away from the proposed sited are the two service stations on Beerburrum Road at only 5.3km an approximate 9 minute drive. The three closest service stations are only a mere 2.5 km and 2.9 km away approximately 3 minutes’ drive. The other Eightteen service stations are spread between Caboolture, the Bruce Hwy and Morayfield commercial district less than 5km away with yet another opened on Uhlmann road.
There is also the three service stations at Burpengary tower shopping centre as well only 6km away or 7 minute drive.
The developer’s claims that the area needs more commercial properties are unjustified, with the Woolworths Aldi Supa Centre only 2.6 km less than 3minutes. With BCF, Bunnings, Goodguys and many more commercial activities also the same distance away.
Minor Convenience shopping is adequately supplied with convenience shopping available at the corner of and Oakey Flat and Nairn road, Seven 11 and BP and other shops less than 3 minutes away.
The owners of the independent shops at the corner of and Oakey Flat and Nairn road have invested in serving the community for over 20 years, the destruction of their livelihood and reduction in consumer choice by allowing the large commercial retail such as Coles and Woolworths to force the smaller independent retailer out of business and then price gouging us by increasing prices due to no competition is a crime.
Small local retail Competition is essential to us the residents of Morayfield south for our economic prosperity. Small independent business, competing against retail giants such as Coles and Woolworths have no chance of survival.
Yet Retail space devoted to food sales in the Caboolture Morayfield Burpengary has hit a record high with multiple shopping centres opened recently in the areas Principal Regional Activity Centre along Morayfield and Station road.
Department stores such as Myers & David Jones followed the same strategy in the last decade, and now they are closing stores and filing for bankruptcy at staggering rates.
The Caboolture Morayfield area has one on Australia’s largest population of obese adults and children, it would be morally wrong for MBRC to approve any junk fast food outlet in any rural and residential area.
The last thing this area needs is any form is a service station or junk fast food outlets; the roads and waterways in our area are already used as dumping points for wrappings and rubbish from the nearby fast food outlets on Morayfield Rd thrown from cars and pedestrians littering our footpaths and properties.

The anti-social and criminal behaviour that these types of commercial centres attract is also something that this residential area does not want, commercial centres of this nature need to be kept within the boundaries of the Morayfield Caboolture Activity Centre where proper policing of these areas is achieved more efficiently and cost effectively by police services.
The purpose of planning and listing certain areas to set aside for retail and commercial properties in the Morayfield Caboolture Activity Centre plan was to stop the ugly retail sprawl into residential areas and to centralise multiple retail activities making access to those services and for the clients to those retail areas easier and safer. And most importantly making the servicing of these businesses efficient and safer, no one wants to live next door to a petrol service station along with the associated risks and pollution a petrol service station will bring to a place where people live sleep and make their home.
MBRC need to consider the considerable risk and disturbance of having large petrol tankers and supermarket semi-trailers using residential roads to deliver their products.
The proposed site is already within easy walking distance to the existing shopping complex Morayfield Supa Centre. Therefor the need for another retail/commercial centre is totally unnecessary for Morayfield south. Our area is already served by a multitude of commercial and retail choices along Moarayfeild road as well as a local owned independent IGA close by at the intersection of Oakey Flat Road and Nairn road.
The purpose of the Caboolture-Morayfield Principal Regional Activity Centre plan was to keep commercial activity and potentially dangerous commercial business centralised.
To allow this development to go ahead is a clear contradiction of that plans purpose.
Many areas within the Regional Activity Centre of Caboolture and Morayfield north are much more suited for developments of this nature.
Please consider the valid reasons raised and reject the application Development Application

Kind regards
C Jones
Lot 91 SP 200423 Morayfield

From C Jones to local councillor Darren Grimwade


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Planning Application for 285 Oakey Flat Road, Morayfield QLD 4506

Description: Preliminary Approval for a Variation Request (S.61 Planning Act 2016) to vary the effect of the MBRC Planning Scheme from Emerging Community Zone - Transition Precinct to Centre Zone - Local Centre Precinct

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