Planning application at 29 Joseph Street, Margate QLD 4019

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Peter Flannery
Zobeyda Khan
Planning application at 29 Joseph Street, Margate QLD 4019
April 30, 2018, 8:53 a.m.
I was quite digusted with the development in Albert St; learned of Planning Alerts and subscribed; hence why I now peruse local developments. I originally wanted to just view the documents listed for 29 Joseph St on MBRC PD Online but for whatever reasons I have encountered issues opening the documents posted. I am yet to ascertain if it is an issue on my particular laptop, or whether it is a council issue. I believe in development and the comments posted by Jessica above. However, squeezing in excessive amounts of units on small blocks and blocks with narrow road frontage is not the solution. Most of the units will be 2 bedroom and have 2 car parks allocated on the site. But it's the eg third occupant and potential third car of the 2 bedroom unit if there is a couple and and a grown up child that occupy the 2 bedroom unit. we all know children are staying at home until in their thirties. Then there's the visitors cars. I know of developments with 10-15 units and yes there might be a 20m road frontage to put the wheelie bins, but they put all the bins out early the day before, and place them not on the footpath, but in the actual gutter. This is not only a breach of Local Laws but also denies drivers who pay registration the opportunity to park on the street. And the MBRC Ranger enforcing Local Laws turns a blind eye. Redcliffe did not have all these issues before amalgamation. I am also making a point of notifying different councillors each time I post. They all need to read such comments posted by the people, bang their heads together and begin standing up for the people collectively. I think the Planning Alerts comment that Don’t worry if you don’t know who to contact. Every councillor is there to represent you so just pick someone who seems nice. I have had first hand experience where I once contacted a councillor outside of my zone and they didn't want to know about it. The reason I contacted a councillor outside of the zone was because the councillor for the zone did not appear to want to become engaged. So much for representation and a local mouthpiece

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Planning Application for 29 Joseph Street, Margate QLD 4019

Description: Material Change of Use - Development Permit for Multiple Dwelling (5 dwellings)

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